About National Movers Association

The National Moving Association has been set up to support professional moving companies across the country. All the activities of the NMA centre on promoting the growth of the local moving industry by helping to address the main issues and concerns of the companies operating in this industry. Our purpose is to promote growth by serving the needs of those who generate business and help to expand the industry.

This industry plays an important role in ensuring mobility of people throughout the different phases of their life. We help them carry their valuable possessions across long distances to help them settle in a new home and a new life, safely and happily. Whether they are family heirlooms, valuable possessions, sensitive gadgets, or confidential documents, we ensure that our customers never lose their connection with their achievements.

As a national organization, we represent all moving companies in the country, domestic as well as international. We promote the development of regulations and laws that support the growth of the industry and protect our interests so that our members can benefit from friendly policies and can offer customer-friendly services to their clients.

Our services include support in legal representation for our members, support with tax and financial issues, setting industry standards and offering education and training where needed, promoting ethical reporting, arbitration, and communication about industry news and emerging issues of concern.

We welcome all to join the NMA and strengthen our position so that we can help you work smoothly while delivering your best to your customers.