NMA Accreditation

Become an NMA member!

We offer all our members the opportunity to become an NMA certified and accredited moving company. You can avail this opportunity in three simple steps:

  1. Complete a membership period of NMA for at least 12 months.
  2. Submit the NMA accreditation form.
  3. Complete the NMA background check.

After completing these steps, NMA will assess and approve your application if there are no points of concern. On achieving accreditation, you will be entitled to displaying the NMA logo on all your moving equipment, containers, and vehicles, as well as your website and any promotional material that you publish. This will let your customers know that your services match the high standards of the NMA.

The NMA Accreditation program started as an effort to address the problem of unauthorized and unprofessional moving companies that were offering a poor level of service and bringing down the good name of the moving industry. By conducting a thorough background check for all our certified members, we help our customers to feel 100% confident when they hire an NMA certified moving company.

Customers can easily identify NMA certified movers from the distinctive logo or even by visiting the NMA website. We also counsel customers about finding an NMA certified moving company near them, as well as offering them advice about cost estimates and insurance matters.

On becoming an NMA certified moving company, you become part of a highly reliable and professional community that subscribes to the highest standards of service, quality, and integrity. You will get recognition as an ethical and customer-oriented company. Each year, the NMA will monitor your performance, which will determine your continued NMA status.

On a national scale, the NMA logo is a guarantee of the fact that your business complies with all the applicable laws and regulations of the moving industry, your state, and the city where you operate. It also testifies to the fact that you are an ethical organization that treats its employees and customers fairly, while also ensuring that you use the highest quality equipment, vehicles, and tools.