Our Mission

At NMA, our mission is to play a leading role in the growth of the moving industry by acting as advocates for the industry, raise its standards, and introduce quality services.

Our Goals

Our goals are to:

  • Become the official certification body for all professional moving companies in the country
  • Guide the development of beneficial laws, policies, and regulations that help our members to offer efficient and high-quality service
  • Create and disseminate knowledge about the industry issues and facilitate the resolution of common problems, disputes, and conflict within the industry
  • Devise ways for increasing the market for professional moving services and support the financial viability of our members
  • To represent the industry before consumers and the lawmaking bodies and highlight their interests and concerns

Our Ethics

We aspire to become the leaders in defining and implementing ethical conduct in our business in order to grow and build our communities. We expect our consumers and the public to uphold us to the highest standards of integrity and ethics and we will try our best to meet their expectations in terms of safety, honesty, transparency, and courteous customer service.

  1. We hold ourselves to the highest standards of safety and efficiency in the movement of goods belonging to our customers.
  2. We will be honest and transparent in all our financial and non-financial transactions.
  3. We will continuously invest in upgrading our service levels and increasing the standards of service in the industry by collaborating with one another to address performance gaps.
  4. We will nurture strong and enduring bonds with our customers and will place their interests before our own. We will educate customers and ourselves to improve our performance.
  5. We will ensure compliance with the law and industry regulations throughout our ranks and will never support any kind of fraud or unethical activity.
  6. We will offer round-the-clock administrative support to our members in order to help them practice their trade freely without any barriers to competitive activity.
  7. We will invest in the promotion of health awareness and employee safety in the industry and will employ the latest equipment and mechanisms to minimize the risk of accident and injury.
  8. We will ensure that all our dues and fees are promptly paid and completely accounted for.
  9. We will strive for the promotion of free trade in the country and will support the egalitarian growth of businesses within the industry.